English at school

Ready, Set…English works with children in both the public and private sector.

Our courses for children can be taken once or twice-weekly and are held in various schools in Milan.

Our teachers follow a monthly / bi-monthly topic chosen together during our monthly meetings and offer a wide range of activities and experiences, using many different materials, from painting with watercolours and tempera paints, to exploring with wax and oil pastels, right up to modelling with clay, all in English of course!

Little ones can lose themselves in music, nursery rhymes, storytelling and various games, whilst older children approach conversation, grammar and early literacy.

All Ready, Set…English teachers are fully-qualified to teach children and are English mother-tongue. Each teacher brings his/her personality to the classroom, a fundamental element to Ready, Set…English’s spirit.


We are proud to be able to offer subsidised courses and play-labs in public schools in underprivileged areas for families with limited means where we want to break down the barrier that stands in the way of offering children an approach to the English language. Thanks to both public and private funding, together with a passion for teaching and a great team of volunteers and employees, this is all possible.

For information on setting up a course in your child’s school, contact us at info@readysetenglish.it

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