English at home

If your child’s social calendar is busier than yours, Ready, Set…English at home is the answer for you.

We at Ready, Set…English know that long office hours means it’s not always easy to fit in ferrying children to swimming lessons, football club, birthday parties and English lessons, that’s why we are one step ahead: for groups of at least three children we bring the same courses as our in-school programme held in various schools around Milan, right to your door.

There is no better way for children to learn than in the comfort of their own homes, an environment where they are used to playing, feel safe and comfortable, with the added bonus of combining an English lesson with a play date with up to three friends!


Our home courses are flexible and offer a variety of options: from once and twice-weekly courses to daily lessons. You can choose for the teacher to follow the same programme offered in schools, or dedicate their time to playing with the children: fitting into their routines and play habits, for example taking children to the park, playing games at home and even, for older children, helping with homework, all the time, speaking in English.

Ready, Set…English home groups are for at least 3 children of a similar age.

To book a Ready, Set…English qualified English teacher, send us an e-mail at info@readysetenglish.it

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