Tailor-made English courses for children in and around Milan

Ready, Set…English is a no-profit organisation, founded by three friends from different walks of life with a shared passion for bringing English language learning closer to all children, both in their schools and at home.


Our mission is to create and share fun, diverse and stimulating moments with children, allowing them to build a strong foundation on which to build in the future. With the English language dominating many areas of life, we strongly believe that children should jump on the bandwagon, sooner rather than later!


We all know how difficult learning a foreign language is as an adult: busy working lives, social calendars, family commitments, not to mention added psychological barriers such as embarrassment and self-doubt.


By introducing English at an early age, not only do children reap the proven cognitive benefits arising from early bilingualism, they will also find themselves to be better prepared to face the expectations of further education as young adults and work as adults.

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